BREAKING: Israeli Border Control Officer Killed by Coordinated Attack by Four Terrorists

Hadas Malka (FACEBOOK)
The Israeli Border Police announce in great sorrow, the death of a young female Border police officer, aged 22. She was critically wounded in the attack and died shortly afterwards at Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus.

Earlier Story:

According to MDA Spokesman, Zaki Heller, 5:32 pm (Israel time) a report was received at MDA 101 in the Jerusalem area about a young woman who stabbed near the Zedekiah Cave – Herod’s Gate, east of the Damascus Gate.

Paramedics of MDA provided medical treatment and took the injured to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus. The injured is a young female Border Police officer, aged 22 and is listed in critical condition.

4 Muslim terrorists attacked, 3 of them eliminated and 1 was neutralized. The terrorists were armed with a Carl Gustav sub-machine gun and knives. They coordinated a simultaneous attack in 2 different locations.

Developing story… refresh for updates.


  1. The loss of Hadas Malka was terrible. She will be a Blessing to Israel and her people. Abbas, the PA, Hammas, and the UN should hang it’s head in shame.

  2. When the IDF or Israeli police kill, kidnap and harrass the palestinians on a daily basis, what was your reaction?


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