Mother of Halamish Terrorist Hands out Candies to Well-Wishers (VIDEO)

Mother of Halamish terrorists hands out sweet pastries to well-wishers (TWITTER)

The mother of 19-year-old terrorist Omar al-Abed, was spotted today handing out sweet pastries and candies to well wishers who congratulated her son for murdering 3 members of the Salomon family while they ate Shabbat dinner on Friday night in the Halamish Settlement (Nvei Tzuf) 

Names of Halamish terror attack victims released: Yosef Salomon HY”D, 70, and his children Haya Salomon HY”D, 46, and Elad Salomon HY”D.

On Sunday, the mother said she is proud of her son: “I did not send him…I am proud of my son, may Allah protect him and free him and take care of him.”

“They entered the house, turned the house upside down, started to curse me, hit my husband, hit my children, turned the whole house upside down..They said to me take out your weapon, I said we have no weapons they said to me, you sent your son to carry out an attack,’ and I said that I didn’t send him.”

Mother of Halamish terrorist. (Screenshot)

Mohammad al-Abed, the terrorist’s father explained his son’s motivation: “When my son saw what was going on in al-Aqsa, That the Israelis kill people and beat people and injure people, and that there are no worshipers in the holy place without the mosque there is no honor for the Muslims.”

“That was my son’s motivation. That is what drove my son to do this thing, otherwise it’s unlikely that my son would have carried out an attack at all.” Al-Abed added.