WATCH: 5 Prominent Anti-Israel Activists Prevented From Boarding Tel Aviv-Bound Flight

Anti-Israel activists who were prevented from boarding Tel Aviv-bound flight. Credit: JVP Twitter
A group of five prominent anti-Israel BDS movement activists were prevented Monday from boarding a flight from Washington, D.C., to Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport.

The anti-Zionist organization Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) had coordinated the “interfaith delegation” to Israel. When the group attempted to check in for a Lufthansa flight to Tel Aviv at Dulles International Airport, they were informed the Israeli government had ordered they not be allowed to board.

“We were told at check-in that the airline has a letter from the Israeli government saying we are not allowed to fly to Israel.

Credit: Jewish Women’s Archive – Flickr

I wasn’t even able to get as far as checking my bag,” said Wise, according to a JVP statement. She added, “I’m heartbroken and outraged.”

Shakeel Syed TWITTER

Israel’s move falls in line with the Knesset legislature’s recent approval of a bill forbidding BDS activists from entering the Jewish state.



  1. So many deluded people! Lies pouring from their lips as they are interviewed, they don’t need access to a “peace process” which like all Muslim peace processes only ultimately works for the peace of Islamic surrender.
    Thank goodness they are barred from entry.

  2. In WO||, these kinds of “people” would have been called land traitors and that is what they are plus if she really is a “Rabbi” she should know her bible.

  3. 1. You’re not a rabbi.
    2. Israel has the right to keep out anyone that they feel is a danger to its citizens.
    2b. You are a danger to its citizens!
    3. Israel has enough problems dealing with baseless hatred from Gentiles. They don’t need to take it from ignorant, self-deprecating, self-loathing Jews!
    If you were anything resembling a rabbi or a Jew who should love her people and her homeland you would instead spend your energy protecting Israel from the unjustified demonization it receives from around the world. Instead, you wish to heap more ignorance and stupidity onto the ashpile of hatred… all in the name of pretending to care about anyone or anything other than yourself.
    Israel didn’t shut its doors to you. G-d did!

    Go to Europe where they need more-ons like you!

    • About time Israel came to its senses!!! A sovereign country has the right to deny entry to anyone who is coming to disrupt and incite against the government. she is heartbroken??? Please!!! Only because she was denied the ability to lie and spread hatred. Spew your garbage elsewhere. She is a rabbi? What congregation does she lead? Doe she have a degree from a qualified seminary, or just a certificate from the Abbas Academy of Fine Lies and Deceits?

  4. Alissa Wise has been ardently bashing Israel for years. Israel was very smart in keeping her and these others of her ilk out of the country.

  5. First the only “Palestinian” country is Jordan- The Jews among them have very short memories- Its only a few days ago HAMAS fired a rocket at Israel. Maybe thats OK by them.
    Wonder if the Christians among them realise in Gaza there is a judicial death penalty of CRUCIFIXION?

    As for the Muslim Guy- I am sure his hidden reason is -Palestine means Palestine in its entirety, and Israel cannot exist in our midst.’

  6. They will not be sadly missed. None of them. JVP is an avowedly anti-Israel organisation and most certainly do not advocate for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. I have had dealings with them in the past and I spurn them as I would spurn a rabid dog- except in that case it’s not the dog’s fault.

  7. What “Rabbi” Wise fails to mention
    1. It is the Palestinians who have denied themselves a state time and time again
    2 Yes they should be free – free of their corrupt, homophobic, feudalistic, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, fundamentalist leaders who glorify in death and in particular the murder and reward for murder of Jews.

    There are plenty of countries she can shout her hatred in.

    Happy for Israel to keep enemies of the State out.


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