Hamas Says New Gaza Security Fence a ‘Declaration of War’

Hamas armed wing spokesman speaks during news conference (Twitter) .
Hamas officials Thursday slammed Israel’s construction of a new Gaza border fence, which is aimed at thwarting the threat posed by the Palestinian terror group’s cross-border attack tunnels.

“This is a declaration of war. We will not allow the occupation (Israel) to carry out its plots and crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza, and we will prevent the construction of this barrier by all means,” Hamas said.

The existing fence along Israel’s border with Gaza. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The terror group added that “the entry of the occupation army’s troops and equipment into the Gaza Strip to carry out this work is tantamount to a military incursion into Gaza and Hamas will respond accordingly. We will not sit idly by and we will respond with force the likes of which Israel has never known.”

The IDF is building a 37-mile fence that includes underground and underwater sections to thwart Hamas’s terror tunnels, which played a large role in the summer 2014 conflict with the terror group.

IDF Southern Command Maj. Gen. Eyal Zamir told reporters Wednesday that the situation in Gaza “is stable, but volatile….If Hamas chooses to go to war over the barrier, it will be a worthy reason [for Israel] to go to war. But the barrier will be built.”







  1. WOW can we please just go Fuck them up and call it a day push them all the way to Jorden then build the wall… you can not have peace with people that think you dont have the right to breath… Gen. Matus said it best they’re just some people that need killing and Hamas really does fit that description. So tired of turning on the news and hearing about another innocent child or mother father that has been killed for no other reason but being who they are seriously wish that Prime Minister would stop giving a damn about the UN and what other countries think and it’s time to take the war to the Palestinians no warnings no nothing yet hit there command and control target their leaders through assassination and laser guided bombs and missiles JDM’s work great . The home any terrorist and their family should be destroyed no mercy for any of them because they sure as hell have no mercy for the victims that they kill and anyone caught after killing a Jew in Israel should be publicly executed in the city center and broadcasted on television so they can watch.


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