Former Israel Ambassador Explains Why US Embassy Should Be Moved to Jerusalem

A new video about Jerusalem in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict series was just released by the Truth about Israel advocacy organization, founded by former deputy foreign minister and ambassador to the US Danny Ayalon.

In the video, which details reasons the Trump administration would be justified in moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, Ayalon declares, “Empires came and left, conquered, colonized and occupied Jerusalem, never turning it into their capital, while the Jews, Jerusalem’s indigenous people, continued living in and returning to Jerusalem despite the hardship and danger involved,.”

Ayalon lays out Israel’s historical connection to Jerusalem including the construction of the the first and second beit hamikdash in the city, as well as the forced exiles first by the Babylonians and then the Romans. He describes the ongoing Jewish presence in the city despite oppression by numerous regimes and the yearning by Jews all over the world to return to Jerusalem and rebuild it.

Ayalon notes that only the Jewish people have made Jerusalem its capital throughout its history, including Arab rulers. He also points out the fact that Jews have been the majority in Jerusalem since the middle of the 19th century.

“Jerusalem was always the center of Jewish life, even for those living far away in the four corners of the earth. Special fast days and rituals mourn the destruction of the city, and daily prayers express the hope of a full return,” Ayalon notes.

The real question, he concludes, is not why the US embassy should be moved to Jerusalem, but why it has taken so long to do so.

Watch the video here: