Here are some pictures you may not have seen from Netanyahu’s visit at the White House.

American expats from California living in Israel and Israeli natives… if you love the Sacramento Kings, they want you to enter their contest for a chance to have your video shown at the Kings “Global Night”.

Omri Casspi, small forward for the Kings, hails from Israel and brings with him lots of Israeli fans.

On February 25, the Sacramento Kings are hosting “Global Night” to celebrate their global community and they are looking for international fans to film shout-outs for in-game entertainment.

If you want to enter, tell them why you love the Kings and pump up the crowd in your native language. The top five videos will play in game!

The top three Buzz winners and two judge’s picks will have their videos play in game. How do you win 1st or 2nd or 3rd place Buzz? It’s all about creating a great video and generating online influence.

First, once your video has been approved and is posted on this challenge page, use the share function to share the video to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and then get all your friends and family to come to this challenge page and share your picture into their social media as well. For Instagram, be sure to have the video on your phone (or download the clip when you click on the IG share button) and be sure to post the specific video tag shown when you click on the IG share button.

Second, Engage your personal network to view, share, like, follow, share, pin and re-tweet the submission each day on these social media sites. We track activity on this challenge page and activity on the social networks once the photo is directly shared, which all generates Buzz. Do this as often as you can during this challenge to increase your Buzz score.