IKEA Incorporates Israeli Gifting App into its Shopping Experience

Shaul Weisband of the Jifiti gifting app posted the following to Facebook Wednesday:

Most days are ‘head down and work hard’ days. Not today. Today is different. Today the Jifiti team gets to celebrate our biggest achievement to date. You can all now read countless articles about IKEA’s latest announcement on launching a new nation-wide state of the art gift registry system.

You won’t read a word about Jifiti. You won’t read about the incredible technology that powers the IKEA platform and was developed after countless hours and sleepless nights spent by our magical team sitting in some random apartment in Modiin, Israel.

But that in my mind, makes it even more special.

The $30 billion dollar gift registry market just changed overnight. One of the largest and most beloved retail brands in the world jumped into the game with a ground breaking technology. I’m proud to be able to call the team that made that happen, family.

Israeli founders of Jifiti: Meir Dudai, Yaacov Martin and Shaul Waisband

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