BDE: Adam Krief, Jewish Father of 3 Whose Bone Marrow Search Inspired Celebrities, Dies

After a long and hard fought battle with myelofibrosis, a type of blood cancer, Jewish father of three Adam Krief has passed away.

The Krief family started the Hope 4 Adam campaign in the hopes of finding a bone marrow match for Adam. In the process they found numerous matches for others seeking donors. They even found a match for Adam himself and had begun the process of the transplant.

Unfortunately, after complications arose this week, he was only given a few hours to live. An emergency tehillim campaign spread like wildfire in the hopes that the multitudes of prayers pouring in could foster a miracle. Unfortunately, Adam passed away on Tuesday. His legacy will live on through his family and the lives his campaign has saved and will continue to save.

Funeral arrangements will be published when they become available.

Many people were saved due to Adam’s publicizing of bone marrow transplants campaign #Hope4Adam. Krief said that a total of seven bone marrow matches had been found through the drives organized for him.


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