UPDATE: Terrorist Killed at Paris Airport Planned To ‘Die For Allah’ As He Steals Soldier’s Rifle

Ziyed Ben Belgacem was shot dead in Orly Airport, Paris
UPDATE: The Paris prosecutor confirms that the shooter at the Paris airport has been identified as Ziyed Ben Belgacem, a “radicalized Muslim” man who was on a police watch list.

Shortly before the airport shooting a Muslim man travelling by car opened fire during a routine stop in Paris, and shot at policemen, wounding one officer in the head.

The man then fled on foot and carjacked a female motorist, threatening her with his weapon, which turned out to be a BB Gun. Police say that car was later found close to Orly Airport.

The terrorist held an BB pistol to a soldier’s head and used her as a human shield.

The gunman a ‘Radicalised Muslim’ then managed to snatch the female soldier’s assault rifle and shouted “I am here to die for Allah – there will be deaths”.

After the terrorist grabbed the assault rifle from the female soldier, police blasted the him three times and instantly kill him.

A picture of a television screen shows a man lying on the ground of a terminal building after he was shot by French security forces

The Paris prosecutor confirmed that suspect was a “radicalized” man named Ziyed Ben Belgacem and he will be treating the attack as an act of terrorism.

Police secure the area at Paris’ Orly Airport after a man grabbed the gun of a soldier

The prosecutor added that three additional Muslim men are being held in custody. They are believed to be the gunman’s family.

A police spokesperson police source told Reuters the suspect was a “radicalized Muslim known to authorities”.