New High-Speed Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Rail Nears Completion

A new high-speed rail line connecting Israel’s holy city to its leading metropolis—Jerusalem to Tel Aviv—is set to revolutionize transportation in the Jewish state when it becomes operational at the beginning of 2018.

The ambitious 10-year effort to construct a high-speed rail link between the two cities is the largest project undertaken by Israel Railways in the past decade, and is also one of the largest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Israel’s history.

Shahar Wiesman, head of communications for Israel Railways, said that “everything in this project was never done in Israel before, so each part was done in collaboration with an experienced foreign company,” Israel21C reported March 22

Upon completion, the $1.9 billion project will enable commuters to travel between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in less than 30 minutes, significantly reducing the current hour-long commute when driving the 60-kilometer (37-mile) route.

The train will operate from a new transportation center in Jerusalem and will feature scenic routes through the hills surrounding the capital city. The new train line will also include stops at Ben Gurion International Airport and Tel Aviv’s existing four railway stations.