OnlySimchas is looking to raise $34,500 to help 115 fatherless boys get Tefillin!


Last year you helped us raise over $22,000 to help Colel Chabad give 72 orphaned boys their very own Tefillin, and have a meaningful and memorable Bar Mitzvah celebration. And the OnlySimchas team were proud to be a part of it.Sadly, this year there are 115 boys all ready for their journey into a world of Mitzvot, who do not have a pair of Tefillin. Please join us in this incredible mitzvah, and help us raise $34,500 for Colel Chabad to ensure that each of these boys get a chance to celebrate this crucial milestone in their lives.

OnlySimchas! will be broadcasting live from the Simchas Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem NEXT Thursday. Stay tuned for more details, and please

Help us reach our goal!

Thank You for your support!

The Team