Hamas Threatens To Execute ‘Zionist’ Collaborators In ‘Coming Days’

Almost two weeks after the assassination of Hamas commander Mazan Faqha in Gaza, the Palestinian terrorist organization announced that collaborators in the assassination will be executed in “the coming days.”

The threat comes after accusations were made by several Hamas officials that Israel was responsible for coordinating the assassination, and that the Gaza-ruling group would seek revenge for the killing. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied involvement.

In the wake of the terror commander’s assassination, Hamas instituted a crackdown in Gaza, closing the Erez border crossing with Israel and launching an investigation into Faqha’s death. The results of Hamas’s probe have not been published.

“To enforce the rule of law and achieve general deterrence, a number of execution sentences will be carried out against collaborators with the Zionist enemy, who have been convicted of perpetrating criminal acts and providing information [to Israel] that harmed public security,” said Ismail Jaber, Hamas’s self-described attorney general.

Jaber added that the death sentences are final and cannot be appealed.

In the past, Hamas has dealt similarly with individuals accused of collaborating with Israel. In 2012, the terror organization executed six suspected collaborators in public and dragged the lifeless bodies of the accused through the streets of Gaza, tied to the back of motorcycles.

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Source: Jns.org