GONE VIRAL: Awkward Video of Melania Trump Refusing To Hold President’s Hand In Israel

It a video being called “the swat heard ’round the world.”Melania swats at President Trump’s hand when he tries to hold her hand after they arrived at Ben Gurion airport in Israel. on Middle-East peace trip.

Video of President Trump shows the First Lady very clearly swatting away at the President’s handwhen he tried to hold her hand at Ben Gurion Airport. It seems that Trump saw PM Netnyahu holding his wife’s hand and tried to hold Melania’s hand when she clearly swats his hand away without breaking her stride. The President responds by using the rejected hand to adjust his tie.Others speculate that Melania did not want to hold his hand because she was behind him and thought it woukd be better if she walked on the red carpet instead of on the tarmac. So what do you think happened?

Here is how the internet recreated on social media.