WATCH: Mother of Slain Teen Ezra Schwartz Confronts UN Over Palestinian Terror Payments

Mother of Ezra Schwratz with Danny Danonצילום: ללא
The mother of Ezra Schwartz, an 18-year-old Massachusetts native who was killed in a Palestinian terror attack in 2015 during his gap year in Israel, spoke out at the United Nations Thursday against the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) payments to terrorists and their families.

Ezra Schwartz with his high school diploma from the Maimonides School in Brookline, Mass. Credit: Maimonides School via Facebook.

“The terrorist who murdered our Ezra is receiving a monthly stipend from the Palestinian Authority,” She said. “Ezra’s death broke our family and our world will never be the same. Ezra will never smile again, never bring children to the world. I will never hug him again, or tell him that I love him,” she said.

“The payments by the PA are just another way to glorify and encourage terrorism. Its offensive and wrong,” she continued.

“Terror knows no boundaries. It can affect anyone. No one is immune. I am here to make a simple request. Please do not kill. Please do not reward people who kill, because that is as if you are doing the killing yourselves,” she concluded.

Schwartz spoke during a special forum on the glorification of terrorism organized by Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon and StandWithUs, a pro-Israel education and advocacy group. Danon, who has been leading an effort at the U.N. against the PA’s terror payments, called the funds “blood money.”

The minivan in which Ezra Schwartz was riding with classmates, with an inset photo of Ezra

“This is the PA’s prize money for terrorists who kill innocent civilians,” said Danon. “Foreign aid given to the PA by the international community is exploited by the Palestinians and used to support terrorism. The more they murder, the more they are paid.”

According to Danon, the PA last year dedicated nearly $130 million of its budget to paying imprisoned terrorists and paid another $175 million to the families of slain terrorists. The terror payments, Danon said, account for nearly 7 percent of the PA’s total annual budget and 30 percent of the foreign aid it receives.

Friends and classmates gather around the coffin of slain yeshiva student Ezra Schwartz at Ben Gurion

“So many members of the Security Council, so many U.N. member states, are sending their people’s money to support terrorists,” said Danon.