New IDF Training Facility to Simulate Combat With Hezbollah and Hamas

Hamas Hezbollah (FILE) – The IDF broke ground on Monday on a new training compound in northern Israel, where troops will be able to simulate combat situations involving terrorist operatives from groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

The Snir training compound in the Golan Heights is set to include an urban warfare facility and an underground facility, where troops will be able to train in close quarters and tunnel warfare as well as in driving various armored vehicles. The compound will include electronic and live-firing ranges.

An IDF training exercise. Credit: IDF.

The compound is being built as part of the IDF’s new multiyear work plan, dubbed “Aviv,” which seeks to offer soldiers advanced multidisciplinary training. The plan, which includes the construction of five training compounds nationwide, is expected to cost $360 million.

As part of the Aviv plan, the IDF will work to improve units’ ability to play the enemy in simulation scenarios. Each brigade will be assigned two “red” (enemy) containers with equipment that will allow the soldiers to more accurately simulate enemy combatants, especially Hezbollah and Hamas fighters.