Al Jazeera Tweets, Then Deletes, Anti-Semitic ‘Greedy Jew’ Climate Change Cartoon

A screenshot of the anti-Semitic meme shared with a deleted Al Jazeera tweet on Wednesday.

Stereotypical meme implied Jewish plot behind climate change denial

Al Jazeera found themselves in hot water after they tweeted an anti-Semitic cartoon to promote a climate change story about President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw his support from the Paris Agreement, a global initiative on climate change.

Shortly after, Al Jazeera deleted the tweet, but not before it was Re-tweeted many times and by users.

The Tweet read:

“He, he, he, my global warming, uh, I mean, climate change scam is working out perfectly for our long term Talmudic plan of world domination!.”

The crude cartoon depicted a hook-nosed Jew, known as ‘The Happy Merchant’ rubbing his hands together. The anti-Semitic images has been called the “internet’s favorite anti-Semitic image.”

After a lot of backlash, Al Jazeera, halfheartedly  apologized by calling the post an error. “This is not Al Jazeera image but a reply to an old thread that was mistakenly linked,” Al Jazeera English tweeted. “We apologize for the error.”

“We are currently investigating how such an error took place and why it was tweeted with our Climate Change video,” wrote Al Jazeera’s Dania Yousef in an email.