Rocker Courtney Love Calls BDS Activist Linda Sarsour a ‘Fraud’ & ‘Vile Disgrace to Women and All Mankind’ in Epic Twitter War


Rocker Courtney Love Cobain RIPS ‘fraud’ Linda Sarsour in epic Twitter War.

Rocker and American icon Courtney Love, the former partner of the late Nirvana musician Kurt Cobain, has ripped into pro-Sharia, anti-Israel, anti-Donald Trump, Women’s March leader and ‘Palestinian’ activist Linda Sarsour, calling her a “fraud” and a “vile disgrace to women and all mankind” ‘anti-Semitic” and a whole host of other names  in a Twitter war on Wednesday.

“You’re a vile disgrace to women and all mankind [Linda Sarsour],” posted Love.

Sarsour displays an ISIS sty;e salute.

Sarsour has frequently praised Sharia law and Saudi Arabia, attempting to convince the public that women’s rights in the Middle East are better than in the United States.

“Sarsour also has a long history of criticizing Israel in ways that cross the line into anti-Semitism and terrorist sympathizing,” said Alex VanNess, director of the Middle East Peace & Security Project at Secure Freedom


“She supports the discriminatory and terror-tied BDS Movement and has claimed that ‘nothing is creepier’ than Zionism.”

“She called for solidarity with members of the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad who has a history of recruiting suicide bombers,” VanNess said.

Sarsour has also previously called the act of throwing rocks at Israelis “courage.”

The Twitter war started when Love called Sarsour for her fundraising in support of Rahma Warsame, a Somali woman in Ohio, who was allegedly beaten in a “hate crime.” However according to police and other media sources, Sarsour’s narrative is that the facts don’t add up. According to the Daily Caller, another woman, Samantha Morales, claimed that Warsame was part of a group of men and women who beat her after she confronted a woman yelling at her son and hitting him with a shoe.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, Love ripped into Sarsour, and as you can see from the compiled Twitter thread, the brawl was ugly and Love did not back down, read for yourself.


Love Cobain citing an article from a conservative outlet? That really got under Sarsour’s skin:

What Sarsour doesn’t mention is that the man, Morales’ boyfriend Ricky Boyce, doesn’t deny he “hit somebody” — in order to defend Morales, self-defense, he claims.

In any event, Love Cobain isn’t backing down:

If “no one knows exactly what happened,” then why has Sarsour been so relentlessly asserting that it was a hate crime? Police investigating the incident issued a statement saying they’ve found no evidence of a hate crime thus far. Sarsour has spent the past several days impugning their character and conduct — the only finding she seems willing to accept is the one that supports her narrative, even if it’s wrong.

Technically, Sarsour did say “alleged hate crime” on Twitter — but her tweets made it quite clear that she didn’t think there was anything “alleged” about it.

At the very least, it doesn’t do Sarsour any favors among those who already find her intentions less than pure.

Sarsour may not have heard of her before, but it sure sounds like Courtney’s got her number.



Sarsour’s still griping at Love Cobain:

Did Love Cobain deny that Warsame got hurt? Because we’re pretty sure she didn’t.

Like we said: Sarsour may have said “alleged,” but she clearly didn’t mean it. So Love Cobain’s characterization of Sarsour’s sincerity seems pretty accurate.



Remember back up toward the top of this story, when Sarsour’s friend and Women’s March head of social media Alyssa Klein noted that Love Cobain had recently followed the Women’s March Twitter account?

Yeah, apparently Love Cobain decided she’d made a huge mistake:

Can we get an “amen”?









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