HEARTBREAKING: Today’s Slain Officer Posted a Tribute to Hadar Cohen, a Year Later She Died an Eerily Similar Death

Hadar Cohen LEFT. Hadas Malka RIGHT

Last year Hadas Malka, the Border Policewoman who was murdered in today’s terror attack, posted a tribute on Facebook to Border Police officer Hadar Cohen, who was shot and murdered by Muslim terrorists in Jerusalem, nearby today’s terror attack. They were both standing guard over Jerusalem and both from the same unit.

Makka’s message read: “Today we are all Border Control. In memory of the warrior, Hadar Cohen HY”D.

Hadar Cohen’s attackers

They both died very similar deaths as they were both attacked by a group of Muslim youth in a coordinated, paired knife and gun attack.

Hadas Malka’s attackers.

In Hadar Cohen’s attack the gun, also a ‘Carl Gustav’ submachine gun, jammed during the attack.