HIGHLIGHTS: 3 Great Highlights From Tonight’s Congressional Baseball Game

Thus far in the history of the annual Congressional bipartisan baseball game for charity that pits Republicans vs. Democrats, the Republicans have won 39 games and the Democrats have won 39, making this years game a tiebreaker. So who won? America won!

This years unfortunate shooting of GOP practicing for the game, which put Steve Scalise in critical condition in hopsital after he was shot by a deranged gunman who was  targeting Republicans actually brought Republican and Democratic congressman together if only for a short time.

The Democrats won 11-2 but at the end of the game when Democratic manager PA Rep. Mike Doyle was presented the winning trophy, he called the Republican’s manager Texas Rep. Joe Barton to join him. Doyle the. gave the winning trophy to the Republicans to put in Scalise’s office.

There were a record amount of tickets sold  which raised more  than $1 million for charity.

 Ivanka Trump, was  joined by her children Arabella and Joseph Kushner, presented a $50,000 check from “Friends in the Trump Administration” to the congressional charity.


The highlight of the game was heroic Capitol Police special agent David Bailey, who came out on the field on crutches after being injured in Wednesday’s shooting, to throw out the game’s first pitch.

David Bailey, US Capitol Police Officer who, along with Officer Crystal Griner, saved dozens of lives yesterday in Virginia, threw out the first pitch at the baseball game tonight. His pitch was pretty good too. Sadly I've seen some commentary online dismissing their bravery bc of their race & Ms. Griner's sexual orientation (but I've also seen the "other side" posting comments of true appreciation & kindness which is soooo awesome??). But here's the thing: Bailey & Griner didn't ask how folks voted on issues like marriage equality or funding for marginalized communities before they literally took a bullet for them. They did the right thing, the honorable thing. They called upon their higher angels. A lesson for us all✌?????

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President Donald Trump opened the game with a special message, discussing Scalise who remains in critical condition on Thursday after undergoing his third surgery.

“By playing tonight, you are showing the world that we will not be intimidated by threats, acts of violence, or assaults on our democracy,” Trump said. “The game will go on, now let’s play ball!,” Trump proclaimed.

Instead of wearing hats representing their home teams, Democratic and Republican players both wore Louisiana State University hats in honor of Steve Scalise , a Louisiana Republican.

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who is also a physician, was at Wednesday’s GOP practice game when the shooting happened and was the first to administer medical attention to Scalise after the shooting, said “it would been awful” if the game had been canceled, and said Scalise “would want it to go on.”

Flake went on to say, “I hope he’s in good enough shape to watch, because he’ll certainly feel good about what he sees, I was there at the hospital last night, and I hope he’s doing better today. It’s a long road for him.”