SECURITY ALERT: Suspicious Individual Harrasing Jewish Institutions Released From Jail

The national homeland security initiative of The Jewish Federations of North America is asking people to be on the lookout for an individual named James (Yoon) Shin, a California man driving a car covered with politically charged writing and images who was arrested for a cross-country mission to “desecrate” synagogues. Shin has made threats against the Jewish community and traveled across the country last summer threatening and harassing Jewish institutions across the Midwest and Philadelphia region. Shin also referred to Jews as “Zionist Jewish EXPLETIVE Pigs” in a video he shot stalking a Jewish institution.

Shin stalking an unknown Jewish camp last summer. Warning: Video contains disturbing language.

Mr. Shin was arrested 11 August 2016 during last summer’s Maccabi games in Stamford, Connecticut, after he was spotted about 9:30 a.m. driving his radically designed blue Toyota at a children’s lacrosse JCC Maccabi Games. Officers pulled Shin over near Temple Beth El and a police bomb-sniffing dog indicated there was an explosive compound or mixture inside the vehicle. However, the bomb squad did not find any devices or explosive materials in the vehicle at the time.

Maccabi Games athletes and coaches were evacuated after 53-year-old James Yoon Chul Shin, of California, posed a potential security risk.

Shin was charged with Disorderly Conduct, and 3 counts of Interfering/Resisting an Officer. Mr. Shin was found guilty of all charges and was sentenced on 20 March 2017 at a court in Stamford. He subsequently served a total of 3 months in jail. Mr. Shin has now been released from custody on conditional discharge for 2 years. The following information was shared by law enforcement.

James (Yoon) Shin vehicle.

The conditions of his release are as follows:

  1. Mr. Shin can’t live or stay in CT
  2. Mr. Shin has to stay away from Jewish locations: synagogues, schools, facilities of any type in “whatever state they happen to be in”
  3. Mr. Shin can be in Stamford ONLY if he is going to court or the PD to get report(s) regarding any appeal/motion he may file

If Mr. Shin is seen anywhere in Connecticut, local law enforcement has requested that you immediately call 9-1-1. If he is seen at any Jewish facility and a police report is filed, it is requested that you share it with SCN.

James (Yoon) Shin vehicle.

Shin has been crossing the country, visiting Jewish organizations.  He has apparently visited Jewish Montesori schools, JCCs and synagogues in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and possibly other states. This individual has posted information about his visits to these Jewish institutions on different Internet sites.

wish institutions to be on the lookout for this individual.  If he is seen around your facility, please do not approach him, notify your local police department about his presence and refer to this notice.  Please also immediately notify SCN.


James (Yoon) Shin mugshot.

This individual can be described as:

  • Medium height, 135 lbs
  • Approximately 50 years old
  • Light skinned – possibly Asian descent
  • Gray/black hair
  • Wispy beard/mustache

James (Yoon) Shin vehicle.


  • The individual was driving a late model dark blue sedan, California license plate 7PUC437,
  • The vehicle has several paragraphs of white writing wrapped around it (photo below). The entire rear bumper of the vehicle is emblazoned with “Targeted Individual”
James (Yoon) Shin’s car.

Again, if you encounter this individual, or observe his vehicle, please notify the local police immediately, then notify SCN at or 212.284.6940.  If at all possible, avoid personal contact with this individual.  He may be suffering from some mental issues, and his behavior may be unpredictable.