WATCH: Netanyahu Visits 5,000 US Sailors Aboard Aircraft Carrier Anchored off Israeli Coast

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday landed via helicopter on the  USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier, the war machine leading the fight against ISIS, as it anchored off the coast of Haifa, and told told 5,000 US sailors aboard the ship that the carrier is a mighty symbol of “freedom and victory.”

The USS George H.W. Bush docked near northern Israel’s Haifa Port, July 3, 2017. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM
This great aircraft carrier is a floating island of America. It’s a symbol to the world of freedom and victory,” he said in an English speech aboard the world’s largest warship.

“The war against ISIS should be seen for what it is: a clash between good and evil. And every sailor on this ship should be immensely proud that you are serving good,” Netanyahu said.

David Friedman aboard the USS George H.W. Bush (Marc Israel Sellem)

“Israel too is a symbol to the world of freedom, victory, and it too helps secure the world against terror. It too is on the front line of the battle between civilization and darkness,” the premier added. “I thank you, the people of Israel thank you, and the free world thanks you.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a tour aboard the US aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush, as it docks outside the Haifa port, on July 3, 2017. (AFP Photo/AFP Photo and Pool/Ronen Zvulun)

Netanyahu was accompanied by his wife and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

Ambassador David Friedman noted that his is the first time that the famous aircraft carrier has ever hosted a world leader, which, he said, “speaks volumes to the unbreakable bind ties between the United States and the State of Israel.”

The nuclear-powered ship can carries a crew of over 5,000 people, as well as around 90 fighter jets and is the  the world’s largest aircraft carrier and largest warship. Due to its massive size, the ship was unable to enter the Haifa port itself, and dropped anchor 2.5 miles from port.

The crew will be touring Israel, courtesy of the Israel tourism board and will celebrate  July 4 in the Jewish state.

On Sunday, Intelligence Minister Israel Katz, said that it was “a timely show of American power projection and deterrence capability.”

Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz

“Its support for the countries fighting Islamic extremism and terror and Iran is very important, especially now when Iran is working to create facts on the ground in Syria, including a port on the Mediterranean, and Hezbollah continues to build its arsenal with more advanced and precise missiles.”