WATCH: Man Gets Stuck in ATM, Slips ‘Please Help’ Notes Through Receipt Slot To Bystanders


Man stuck in ATM sends note for help through receipt slot

“We have a once in a lifetime situation that you will probably never see or hear again,” said Corpus Christi Police Senior Officer Richard Olden.

Officer Olden is talking about the rescue of a contractor that got stuck fixing an ATM room in the 400 block of Mesquite Street at the Bank of America.

Police say a contractor was working on changing a lock inside a small room that connects to the ATM.

Officer Olden says,” he leaves his phone in his truck, he’s installing a new lock on the door, and he gets locked inside the building where the ATM is.”

Since the ATM still works, people were stopping by to get cash, and the contractor decided to slip out notes through the receipt slot stating,”Please Help. I’m stuck in here, and I don’t have my phone. Please call my boss.”

Officer Olden said people thought it was a joke, but someone took it seriously and called the police.

“We come out here, and sure enough we can hear a little voice coming from the machine. So we are thinking this is a joke. It’s got to be a joke,” Olden said.

It turns out it was true, and the employee said afterward he got stuck changing out an electronic lock. Later the contractor supervisor arrived, and police had to kick down a door to get the gentlemen out of the ATM room.

Olden says,”Everyone is okay, but you will never see this in your life, that somebody was stuck in the ATM, it was just crazy.”


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