BREAKING: Temple Mount Terror Attack, 2 Border Police Seriously Wounded, 3 Terrorists Killed (VIDEO)

MDA evacuating the injured from scene of terror attack . (photo credit:COURTESY MDA)
A major terrorist attack has taken place on the temple Mount when 3 terrorists opened fire on Israeli Border Police which led to subsequent shootout.

The police spokesman said that that 3 terrorists went to the Temple Mount, and when they approached Israeli Border guard police at one of the gates, near the Lions Gate where they began shooting at the police. The terrorists then fled into the Temple Mount area which resulted in a for chase by Israeli police. Israeli police had a tense gun battle with the terrorists and  killed all three.

Two Border Policemen are in critical condition after being shot. One Border Policeman is moderately wounded. One is lightly wounded and was taken to Shaarei Tzedek hospital.


Jerusalem police has ordered the Temple Mount to be closed and evacuated. It will remain that way until further notice.