BREAKING: ZAKA Reports 2 Israelis Murdered in Jerusalem Terror Attack

The weapons that were used against the Israeli police.
Zaka is reporting that 2 Israelis have been killed in a terrorist attack that took place in the Lions Gate/ Temple Mount area. 3 male terrorists who went to the Temple Mount, approached Israeli Border guard police at one of the gates, near the Lions Gate where they began shooting at the police. The terrorists then fled into the Temple Mount area which resulted in a for chase by Israeli police. Israeli police had a tense gun battle with the terrorists and  killed all three.

At least 2 other Border Policeman are listed from serious to moderately wounded and were taken to Shaarei Tzedek hospital.

The weapons that were used against the Israeli police.

Despite the Muslim terrorists committing the terror attack, that did not stop Al Jazeera from using misleading headlines in a report of this story.

Al Jazeera

Friday prayers have been cancelled at Temple Mount for the first time since 2000. Israeli police have closed down Temple Mount and evacuated it indefinitely.