WATCH: MSNBC Feminist, Joan Walsh Slams Ivanka Trump’s ‘Girlie’ G-20 ‘Pink’ Dress

U.S. president Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, left, and the head of the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde attend the Women’s Entrepreneur Finance Initiative launch event held in conjunction with the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany,

MSNBC’s Joan Walsh Suggests Ivanka’s ‘Girlie’ Dress Not Made For Work…Makes Her Look Like ‘Property’

MSNBC political analyst Joan Walsh and self-described liberal feminist, Joan Walsh, criticized Ivanka Trump’s dress that she wore to the G-20 summit in Germany. After Ivankka briefly sat in for her father, Walsh suggested that the pink dress was  “incredibly ornamental” and “girlie” which conveyed an unserious role women will play in the Trump administration.

Ivanka Trump, is an unpaid adviser to her father. She drew a lot of backlash from media pundits and the left after she took a seat on President Trump’s behalf during a working session in Hamburg. President Trump said he had asked his daughterIvanka to hold the seat while he attended a brief meeting with the PM of Japan and called the practice “very standard.”

“I don’t mean to sound sexist, it can be dangerous to comment on what women wear, but the fact that she sat in for her father in a dress that was so incredibly ornamental was such a contradiction in terms,” MSNBC’s Walsh said.

Walsh suggested that Rex Tillerson and H.R. McMaster should have “quit on the spot” after Trump let his daughter sit in for her wearing a “girlie” dress that was “pink”

“And I think that what we see is that in patriarchal, authoritarian societies, daughters have great value — they are property,” Walsh continued. “And the message that she is sending about her own value, about her place in the White House, and about the place of women in this administration, I think, are really, pretty frightening.”