Feel Good Story of the Day: By Minister of Education of Israel, Naftali Bennett

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett posted the following story from Galit Itchab:

“It is exactly 9:24am. I go down to the Binyamina train station, and this is the scene in front of me. I go down to the station to wait for my bus and before me I see another woman taking a picture of something and out of curiosity I go see what is happening. I ask the lady, “what’s happening?” and she tells me the soldier over there noticed that this elderly woman is holding up a newspaper to provide some shade form the hot sun, and she is tiring out form holding it up over her head. So the soldier decided to take the paper and stand there and help her, despite it causing him to be late to returning to his army base. Despite the fact that he is also hot. Despite the fact that he too is also tired, he decided to wait there until her bus would arrive and only then go on and do what he needed to do.
Galit continues that she was speechless and got very emotional. She said, I don’t know who you are but you are surely a good and fabulous person and there should be many more like you!

This is our army, these are our soldiers. The  people of Israel live!’

זה הצבא שלנו.
אלה החיילים שלנו.
עם ישראל חי