19 Year-Old Terrorist Who Murdered 3 Jews Eating Shabbat Meal, Leaves Suicide Note on Facebook

The  19-year-old terrorist, Omar al-Abed who murdered 3 Israelis as they were eating Shabbat dinner, left a morbid homicide/suicide note on his Facebook wall.

19 year-old terrorist who killed 3 Israelis in Halamish (JBN)


The terrorist posted the following message only minutes before he carried out the attack in the Halamish settlement near Ramallah.


Full translation:

I am a boy who has not yet reached the age of 20, I have dreams and aspirations, and with the help of Allah I will fulfill them.

I loved life and loved to make people smile, but what kind of life in which our women and youths are murdered, where they (Israelis) curse Al-Aqsa and we do not lift a finger.

It’s a disgrace to sit with your hands folded, you’re the ones who have guns in the house, you’re the ones who take out the guns at the celebrations, are not you ashamed?

All I have is a small knife and it will respond to Al-Aqsa’s call.

You sons of pigs and monkeys, (referring to Israelis) I am sure that if you open the gates of al-Aqsa they will come after you with an iron fist – I warn you.

I know I’m going to a good place and I’m not going back here, I’ll go back to heaven, how good it is to die a martyr.

To my mother, father and sisters, here is my last wishes. Wrap me in the black flag, wrap my head in scarf of yasser Arafat and  and my chest in the flag of El-Kasam and put them in the grave with me, I am aware of everything I say – I am asking for nobody to make eulogies and not to play any songs at my funeral. Just remember me and ask everyone to remember me for generations. We are all one, our blood is one, our enemy is one.

Omar al-Abed