BREAKING: High Ranking Israeli Security Official Stabbed at Israeli Embassy in Jordan

UPDATE: Two Jordanian nationals were killed and an Israeli  security official was severely was wounded, the Israeli is said to be in unstable condition. Due to a gag order by the Israeli government, not much is known about the attack and what triggered it.

Reports speculate that it may have something to do with the tensions in Israel and the Temple Mount. The Jordanian Waqf is the Muslim custodian of the site and thousands of Jordanians staged an anti-Israeli protest in Amman over the Temple Mount security situation over the weekend.



Jordanian media is reporting an attack on personnel at the Israeli embassy in Amman. The area around the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan has been cordoned off, after the stabbing attack.


Reports are coming that the Israeli official was stabbed and is seriously injured at the Israeli embassy compound in Amman.

The attacker was shot and is injured.