Chaya Salomon H’YD Wrote the Following To Her Students A Few Days Before She was Murdered..

Chaya Salomon terror victim from Halamish
Chaya Salomon terror victim from Halamish
Just a few days ago Chaya Salomon, a teacher at Noam Meiri School in Lod, Israel, distributed report cards as she had done at the end of every school year. On Shabbat evening she was murdered in the Neveh Tzuf (Halamish) community, along with her brother and their father. Chaya used to write the following message on the report cards next to each student’s grade:

Dear student,

when I give the report cards at the end of the semester, I am always reminded of another report card, almost like at school… It is given by our Father in Heaven, Who is everywhere. But instead of the regular subjects and exam grades, He gives grades in the following subjects: friendliness, patience, understanding, love, kindness, responsibility, gratitude, humility. And that other report card is important, even more than any other grade. And not just once or twice a year, but every moment that passes. Because many times during life we forget, and forget again, that being a person with good midos (good character traits) is the real test in life! Good luck,

Teacher Chaya”.

What a stark contrast between those who sanctify death and those who sanctify friendliness, patience, understanding and love.


Source: Only Simchas News