MUST WATCH: Wife of Elad Salamon Speaks About The Terror Attack & Their “Unspoken Agreement” To Save The Children

Elad Solomon HY"D murdered by terrorist at their Shabbat dinner as his wife Michal managed to hide their 5 children in another room.
The wife of Elad Salomon, Michal Salamon is speaking out about the heroics and “unspoken agreement” she had with her husband as they were undergoing a surprise terror attack.

Elad Salamon was murdered together with his father, Yosef and his older sister Chaya as he tried to stop a 19 year-old terrorist who had promised to killed Jews in revenge of security measures at the Temple Mount.

Names of Halamish terror attack victims released: Yosef Salomon HY”D, 70, and his children Haya Salomon HY”D, 46, and Elad Salomon HY”D.

Michal told Israeli Channel 2 that her husband Elad, fought back against the terrorist during Friday night attack.

“I know one thing, according to what I saw from his wounds and according to what they told me, I know he fought back,” Michal said.

Wife of Elad #Salamon hy”d talking about she guarded the children while her husband tried delaying the terrorist. JBN

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I think that the moment the terror attack happened, we signed an unspoken agreement, I think he saw me holding the kids and gathering them up the stairs in order to guard them, that was my part and his part was to neutralize or delay the terrorist until security forces came. He did his part. That was the partnership between us, from the beginning until the end, everyone did something, the main thing was always for the  benefit of the household and the kids.” She concluded.

Michal’s husband Elad and his sister and father were buried today in Israel to an overflow crowd of close to 5,000 people.