WATCH: IDF Soldier Describes How He Neutralized the Halamish Stabbing Attack

The solier who shot the terrorist. Credit: IDF
Sgt. A, the soldier who was neighbors with the Halamish settlement family, gave a video statement about how he neutralized the terrorist who stabbed a family eating Shabbat dinner in Friday evening’s deadly terror attack.

Names of Halamish terror attack victims released: Yosef Salomon HY”D, 70, and his children Haya Salomon HY”D, 46, and Elad Salomon HY”D.

The attack claimed the lives of the patriach of the family, 70-year-old Yosef Salomon, his son Elad, 36, and his daughter Chaya, 46. Yosef Salamon’s wife Tova is still hospitalized in serious condition.

Sgt A. from the IDF’s elite Oketz unit (canine special forces) describes how he and his father ran to investigate the neighbors house after they heard shouts. After he realized it is a terror attack, he ran back to his house to grab his gun. Sgt. A. was not supposed to be home this weekend, instead he was going to visit friends at another settlement but last minute his plans changed and he went home.

“I was standing outside the house and I saw the terrorist through the window. I understood that I couldn’t lose my cool and had to act calmly and professionally. That is when I fired one bullet at him through the window. The bullet hit him in the stomach and neutralized him,” The soldier said.

A member of ZAKA points out the bullet hole entry point in the kitchen window, (YOUTBE SCREENSHOT)

“For the most part I was simply in the right place and at the right time…  “We join the family in their personal grief and embrace them. Personally for me it’s a complicated event, For me this is personally not an easy situation, but I try to focus on the fact that what I did prevented what could have been a much worse tragedy,” He added.

The soldier’s mother describes what happened.

But this is not the first time this young soldier has been face to face with terror, the heroic soldier told of a previous terror attack at his own home: “This is not the first time we experienced something like this. There years ago, a terrorist came into our house and attacked my youngest sister. That incident ended miraculously, much better than what happened last night..”