WATCH: MK Naftali Bennett Calls for Death Penalty for Halamish Terrorist & for Jews to Unite

Naftali Bennett speaks from the scene of the Halamish Massacre. (Facebook Screenshot)
MK Naftali Bennett, the Jewish Home chairman and Education Minister on Sunday called on military courts to seek the death penalty for the Halamish terrorist, a 19 year-old who  stabbed and killed 3 members of the Salomon family as they prepared to welcome the community to celebrate the birth of a baby boy that was born just 24 hours earlier.

Bennett wrote on his Twitter account: “There is a possibility of the death penalty in the military courts. There is no need for legislation; only a request. I call on the military to demand the death penalty for terrorist who murdered the Salomon family.”


Bennet posted the following video to his social media pages, calling for Jews to unite and stop the self-blame and “self-flagellation” game. This after he heard of some in Israel who blame themselves and the government for the murders which may have been caused because of the metal detectors that angered the Muslims.

“This is not about metal detectors, this is about the Jewish People living in the Jewish state. We have to stand strong and know that we have no other country so we will continue to stay strong in the land of Israel,” Bennett said.

Naftali Bennett visits the home of the Halamish massacre (Bennett TWITTER)

“I want to clarify, those who encourage terror attacks, inflame the atmosphere, pay allowances to the families of terrorists, name squares after child murderers, incite and lie about Israel’s intentions regarding the Temple Mount, call upon hundreds of thousands of people to set fire to the streets, they are the ones responsible for this attack,” Bennett said.

“Those who say that the Jews are guilty of the fact that they are being murdered simply legitimize the next massacre. They are the ones who create the atmosphere in which a lowly murderer who is younger than 20 decides to slaughter Jews at their home on Friday night. Not the victims, not the “settlements”, not the Israeli leaders. Instead of Palestinian leaders recognizing our right to live here in coexistence, they seek to nullify the existence of the Jewish community in the Land of Israel,” Bennett continued.

“Are we also to blame for the attack on the Temple Mount before the metal detectors were in place? Are we guilty of the fire at Halamish a year ago? Are we also guilty of the 1929 riots, the War of Independence, the Fedayeen attacks, the hijacking of airplanes, the murder of children in Ma’alot (how dare we try to rescue them ?!)” 

“Perhaps we are to blame for the fact that Jews insist on living in the Land of Israel? after all it makes the Arabs angry. Maybe we should return to Morocco, to Europe? Where does this self-hatred come from, from where does the Diaspora view come from  in which we blame ourselves? Are we Jews in a Polish town two hundred years ago who accuse ourselves of a pogrom against the Jews because we dressed differently? Because we prayed loudly?” Bennett scolded.

“My brothers and sisters, we are a Jewish and live in the sovereign state in the Land of Israel, surrounded by an ocean of radical Islam. The way to live here is to be stronger than our enemies always and beat them. Terror can be eliminated. with force, action, determination and consistency. We must never give up.” Bennett concluded.