WATCH: 1000s Attend Martyr Funerals for the the Three Terrorists Who Committed the Attack on Temple Mount

Despite one of the conditions of the release of the bodies of the terrorists being that no mass or elaborate funerals take place for the three terrorists that murdered two Druze-Israeli police officers in a terrorist shooting attack on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, thousands attended.

Thousands attend terrorist funerals

On Friday July 14, Command Sergeant Major Hayil Satawi and Command Sergeant Major Kamil Shanaan were gunned down near Lions Gate as three terrorists who snuck guns out from the Temple Mount, shot them in the back.

Israel had specifically returned the bodies late at night to prevent a mass martyr funeral procession. In the past, Israel has returned bodies in the early hours of the morning on condition that only the family would quietly and without fanfare, bury the terrorist’s body.

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