WATCH: Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely Schools Biased Anti-Israel BBC Anchor

Tzipi Hotovely slams BBC anchor regarding metal detectors at Temple Mount (FACEBOOK Screenshot)


Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister and Member of Knesset, Tzipi Hotovely slammed a biased BBC anchor as he attacked her on Israel’s attempt to prevent further murders at the Temple Mount, by placing metal detectors at the entrance. This decision came after 2 Israeli police officers were gunned down by three terrorists who snuck guns out from the Temple Mount and shot the Israeli officers in the back, in a cowardly surprise attack.

Master Sgt. Kamil Shnaan, left, and Master Sgt. Haiel Sitawe, right. Killed by terrorists at Temple Mount

The anchor grilled MK Hotovely on the issue, claiming that Israel have miscalculated and provoked the Palestinians by installing security measures.

“All you’ve done is provoked the Palestinians and now under international pressure, you have had to remove these metal detectors,” sneered the BBC anchor.

“You are trying to increase your control over the compound they want the status quo to be continued… You are deliberately provoking and taking control which is being managed and run successfully for the past 50 years [by Jordan].” The BBC anchor continued.

“I just have to say that you are forgetting the big picture, which is that Israel had to put security measures on the Temple Mount is because we had a terror attack started by Muslims that attacked 2 policemen and killed them, so were speaking about a horrific terror attack and you expect us to do nothing?” MK Hotovely snapped back rhetorically.

“They lie! it’s very clear they are lying about the facts, they are lying about the reality and they are lying about the fact that they have created the problem which now makes Israel have to put security measures on the Temple Mount.” MK Hotovely concluded.

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Born to a Georgian Jewish family, Hotovely is a doctorate student at the Faculty of Law in Tel Aviv University. Hotovely practices Orthodox Judaism, and is a self-described “religious right-winger”. In 2009, she was the 18th Knesset’s youngest member. She is described as the “ideological voice” of the Likud Party. She regularly campaigns for improved women’s rights, and chaired the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women in the 18th Knesset, before joining the government at the beginning of the 19th Knesset in 2013.

Video Credit: Tzipi Hotovely Facebook Page