WATCH: Halamish Massacre Family Invites Public To Bris Of Surviving Grandson, Named After Murdered Grandfather

Photo: Itzik Mann
Last Friday night, the proud grandfather, Yosef Salomon and his family, were just finishing dinner and getting ready to welcome the entire Halamish (Nvei Tzuf) community to the new baby boy’s Shalom Zachor.,(welcoming of a new baby boy celebration meal) when someone came knocking on the door. Thinking it was a member of the community who arrived early.

Instead of it being a well-wisher, they opened the door to a 19 year-old terrorist, who brought with him a knife that he had purchased earlier that day.

The grisly scene at the Salamon home in Halamish. The food on the Shabbat table was prepared but left untouched as the terrorist interrupted the festivities. (IDF)

The terrorist, Omar al-Abed – aptly called a “beast” by Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu -viciously killed the baby’s grandfather, 70 year-old Yosef Salomon as well as Yosef’s son, Elad and daughter, Chaya.

Names of Halamish terror attack victims released: Yosef Salomon HY”D, 70, and his children Haya Salomon HY”D, 46, and Elad Salomon HY”D.

Six days later, the family still in mourning, gathered yet again for the baby’s Bris ceremony. Before the Bris, PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Sarah Netanyahu came to pay their respects to the mourning family.

The Netanyahus pay a condolence visit to the Salomon family.

Hundreds of well wishers from all over the country, including strangers, came to comfort the mourning family. Rabbi Yisroel Meir Lau, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel,who was friends with the grandfather, officiated the ceremony.

Chief Rabbi Lau officiates at the Salomon bris. (FACEBOOK)

Rabbi Lau said, “A baby boy has been born – through the happiness of this boy, may the entire family be comforted. I wish with all my heart that this Bris will signify existence and life for the family.”

The invitation reads: “The public is invited to accompany us in the entrance of our son, grandson, nephew, in the covenant of Avraham Avinu, which will take place on Thursday, 27 Menachem Av 27.7, at 17:00 in the hall of the Vizhnitz Conference Hall in Elad.

Fighting back tears, the father of the baby, Shmuel, who lost his father,brother and sister, said: “The baby is named Ari Yosef, after the deceased. Yosef after my father and the baby’s grandfather, Yosef #Salomon and Ari, which means lion, because my brother Elad and my sister Chaya fought like lions with the evil terrorist.”

“We’ve chosen to hold such a public event so that the Salomon family will be remembered as a happy & united family, not a mournful and torn family.” Shmuel continued.

Elad’s HY”D widow, Michal and Elad’s orphans at the bris. FACEBOOK

Immediately after the Bris ceremony, the baby’s mother Chen, Michal, wife of Elad and Grandmother Tova, wife of Yosef, all said the ‘Gomel’ prayer – for having survived the massacre in Halamish.