BREAKING: Charlie Gard, UK Baby At Center of Dispute Over Treatment Has Died

Charlie Gard and his parents. (Courtesy)
Charlie Gard, the UK baby at the center of dispute over hospital treatment, has died.

Eleven-month-old Charlie Gard  has died after suffering from a rare genetic disease which has kept him in hospital for his entire life.

Charlie’s parents fought an emotional court battle to take their baby son to the United States for treatment, which was denied by UK courts.

Charlie’s mother, Connie issued the following statement: “Our beautiful little boy has gone, we are so proud of you Charlie.”

Charlie Gard and his parents. (Courtesy)

Just yesterday a UK court denied Charlie’s parents the chance to take him home to die.

Charlie’s plight even reached US president Donald Trump who had offered to help.

The long legal battle saw Charlie’s parets take their case all the way to the UK’s Supreme Court equivalent, the Court of Appeal, which ruled life support treatment should end and Charlie should be allowed to die without experimental treatment in the US.

Judges at the UK Court of Human Rights also refused to intervene in the case – and just yesterday they had even been denied their final wish to be able to take their son home to die and felt “let down” following the long legal battle.

Charlie Gard’s parents. (Courtesy)