Jordan’s King Slams Netanyahu’s ‘Showmanship,’ Says Security Guard Must Face ‘Justice’ (VIDEO)

Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan's King Abdullah (TWITTER)
Jordan’s King Abdullah slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “political showmanship” regarding the controversy over an Israeli security guard who was recently attacked near the Jewish state’s embassy in Amman.

Abdullah said the guard, who proceeded to shoot dead two Jordanians, including his assailant and a bystander, must face “justice.”

“A staff member at the Israeli embassy in Amman has shot two of our sons. We will dedicate all the efforts and resources of the Jordanian state to ensure that justice takes its course,” Abdullah said in a statement.

Jordan’s King Abdulla

The king added that Netanyahu needs to “honor his responsibilities and take the necessary legal measures to ensure that the killer is tried and justice is served, rather than exhibiting political showmanship in dealing with this crime to score personal political points.”

Netanyahu had hosted the Israeli security guard in an event at his office in Jerusalem Tuesday, with the prime minister telling the guard he was “happy to see” him back home and that he “acted well, calmly, and we also had an obligation to get you out.”


Meanwhile, Jordan’s Attorney General Akram Masaadeh told the Petra News Agency that he has completed his investigation and has charged the Israeli security guard, identified as Ziv without the disclosure of his last name, with two counts of murder and for possessing an unlicensed weapon.

The Jordanian investigation also said Ziv does receive diplomatic immunity in accordance with the Vienna Convention, but the status “is only procedural immunity that does not exempt him from trials before international courts.”

Ziv was questioned by Israeli authorities Thursday as part of a routine investigation.