Mexican Politician Slams BDS During Samaria Visit, Lauds Ties With Israel

Cervantes crushes BDS. Credit: Proyecto Diez
During a visit to Samaria Sunday, Mexican politician Hugo Eric Flores Cervantes asserted there should be no boycotts of products made in the disputed territories.

“Those who consider that the factories here are not producing products made on Israeli territory are mistaken. There is no territory that is more Israeli than here,” said Cervantes, a member of the Mexican Congress, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Mexico’s coat of arms. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

“Products should be exported from here to any place in the globe in the most open way possible,” he said, adding, “Trade between nations must and should be free…I am in favor of accelerating the trade agreement between Mexico and Israel as well as accelerating the marketing of products produced in Judea and Samaria to Mexico.”

Cervantes is an evangelical Christian and the founder of the Social Encounter Party. During his visit, he discussed methods for improving ties between Mexico and Judea and Samaria.