Israel to Demolish Homes of Terrorists Who Killed Policewoman, Hadas Malka

Hadas Malka (right) Malka's protective vest (left)Image source: Facebook
The Israeli High Court of Justice Thursday ordered the demolition of homes belonging to the families of three Palestinian terrorists who carried out an attack in Jerusalem’s Old City that killed Border Police Staff Sgt. Hadas Malka in June.

The High Court justices unanimously denied an appeal against the demolition by the terrorists’ relatives. The court further ruled that the demolition must be executed by Aug. 9.

David Malka, Hadas’s father, responded to the news by saying, “All of the circles connected to the attack must be punished. It won’t bring back Hadas, but it’s important to use all the legal means [available] to create deterrence in order to prevent further attacks.”

David Malka, Hadas Malka’s father.

Hadas Malka, 23, was fatally stabbed when a three-member terrorist cell carried out a coordinated shooting and stabbing attack near Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate June 16. She died in the hospital shortly after the attack.

The three terrorists—Hamas operative Adel Ankoush, 18, as well as Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine operatives Osama Ata, 19, and Baraa Ata, 18—were killed by security forces.

Hadas Malka’s attackers. (Facebook)





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