Report: Sara Netanyahu Will Be Indicted Over 4 Alleged Felonies

President Trump, PM Netanyahu, Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu in Israel (YOUTUBE Screenshot)
Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara Netanyahu, according to a Channel 2 News report on Monday.

Sara Netanyahu is to be indicted on fraud charges relating to the misuse of public funds, many of which include billing the government for personal expenses which have cost the state of Israel hundreds of thousand of shekels.

Benjamin Netanyahu with Avichai Mandelblit (Economic Times)

The attorney general is expected to issue a letter of indictment which will reportedly include charges for four separate felonies:

The first charge if for allegedly using funds from the Prime Minister’s residence for private chefs, the second charge is for using state funds to pay for a live-in caregiver for her now deceased father, while the third offense is for paying a private electrician who did not win a bid as per the state rules. Lastly, Sara Netanyahu is suspected of transferring garden furniture intended for the state run PM’s house to the family’s private home in Caesarea.

The Netanyahu family has denied any wrongdoing. Yossi Cohen, the family attorney has called the charges absurd. “How low will they go to get a Netanyahu family persecution? They are even willing to quibble about the costs of  a cup of tea that Sara Netanyahu’s father had when he was 97 and on his deathbed?” Cohen said.