WATCH: The Clintons, Trump’s Daughter, J.Lo, A.Rod, Attend Jewish Wedding of Two Billionaires’ Kids

Hillary & Bill on Wall Street entering Lasry Wedding © Twitter
Bill and Hillary Clinton were spotted in NYC attending the wedding of two billionaire power houses. The bride was the daughter of hedge-fund manager Marc Lasry, Sophie Lasry, who wed Michigan Wolverines quarterback Alex Swieca, the son of another billionaire hedge-fund manager, Henry Swieca.

The NYC wedding of Sophie Lasry. (Credit: Sophie Lasry / Instagram)

Marc Lasry, who is the owner of NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, was a major donor to Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The Clintons were accompanied at the wedding by Clinton’s long-time aide, Huma Abedin, who came without her husband, Anthony Weiner.

Other celebrities in attendance were President Trump’s daughter Tiffany Trump, Jennifer Lopez and her date, baseball star Alexander Rodriguez who posted a selfie on the way to the wedding.

Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

The Clintons were spotted entering the wedding hall on Wall Street. Hillary was wearing a blue shawl and former president Bill Clinton was wearing a matching blue kippah.

Hillary Clinton’s outfit was panned by the critics and drew a lot of media attention ,some not knowing how best to describe it called it a “muumuu-looking frock.”

Others on social media also criticized the outfit, “That’s what happened to the Democrats ‘big tent,’ Hillary is wearing it,” one comment read.

Photo Credit: Instagram

“Money can’t buy taste, can it?” read another comment. “Hillary paid how many thousands for the curtains she’s wearing?”

It is unknown if Trump’s daughter interacted with Hillary Clinton at the wedding.