Terrorist Shot, Detained After French Troops Rammed With Car (VIDEO)

French counter-terrorism soldiers were rammed by a vehicle in suburban Paris which left six soldiers wounded, including two seriously. The soldiers were part of the ‘Sentinelle’ forces, that were put in place after the 2015 terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo and Hypercacher Kosher supermarket attacks.

The suspect got away but several hours after the attack, police had shot and arrested a man on the A16 highway in north Paris.

The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed that they are considering this to be a terrorist attack.

Witnesses described seeing a BMW with one person inside waiting in a cul-de-sac near a building used for soldiers, when the attacker rammed the soldiers emerged from the building to board vehicles for a new shift.

The U.S. Embassy has issued a warning Americans to avoid the area in a tweet.

France remains under maximum security alert after a string of Islamist-inspired attackers have murdered over 230 people over the past two years.