WATCH: Arab Female Terrorist Attacks Hassidic Man in Jerusalem

(Israel Police)
Israel Police released footage which shows a female terrorist stabbing a Hassidic Jews on hos way back from prayers earlier today in Jerusalem near Damascus Gate.

The footage shows the female Arab terrorist drawing a knife and stabbing the Hassidic man who was walking past her. The man was slashed but the knife did not injure his body and instead slashed his prayer shawl. The female terrorist then proceeded to stab another man in the shoulder. The man sustained moderate injuries and was taken to Hadassah Hospital.

The knife that as used in the terror attack (Israeli Police)

The woman was tackled to the ground  by Israeli security forces and was arrested and taken in for questioning. When police questioned the terrorist, she told police she had come to the scene with the intentions to kill Jews.

The female terrorist inn custody.

Police subsequently raided the a 29-year-old terrorist’s home in the Arab neighborhood of Sur Baher where they confiscated her laptop and other personal documents.