Abbas Condemns US Senators for Supporting Taylor Force Act

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas / AFP PHOTO / THOMAS COEX / AFP / THOMAS COEX
Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas Sunday condemned U.S. senators on the Foreign Relations Committee for voting in favor of the Taylor Force Act anti-terror legislation.

The bill, named for a former U.S. Army officer murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Jaffa last year, seeks to cut U.S. aid to the PA over payments to the families of convicted terrorists and their families.

The area where Taylor Force was murdered. (FILE)

Abbas’s condemnation came during a Sunday meeting of the PLO’s executive committee, of which he serves as the chairman, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

An article posted on an official PA Facebook page detailed the PLO’s condemnation of the U.S. lawmakers and referred to the passing of the anti-terror legislation as an “unacceptable act.”

The PLO committee also vowed to “continue its national, moral, and humanitarian responsibility” of issuing payments to Palestinian terrorists and their families, while sending “a blessing of appreciation and pride” to the security prisoners currently serving time in Israeli jails, and emphasizing that “their release is at the top of [the PLO’s] agenda.”