VIDEO: Former IDF Soldier Murdered Over Parking Dispute in Brooklyn, 8 Years After His Father & Brother’s Tragic Death

Omri Dahan (Facebook)
Tragedy has struck twice for an Israeli family living in Brooklyn. In 2009, the Dahan brothers lost the patriarch of the family and their oldest brother to a tragic work accident in Queens. Last night, the youngest brother of the Dahan family and his older remaining brother were stabbed over a parking dispute. Omri Dahan, 23, was stabbed to death after his brother Ayal woke him up for assistance in a parking dispute.

The dispute began at around midnight on East 73rd Street near Ave M. When Ayal Dahan, 29, arrived home to find his driveway blocked by a stranger’s car. Ayal started to honk the horn until two men came out of a nearby residence and an argument erupted. A fistfight ernsued between the owner of the parked car and Ayal which led to Ayal being sucker punched. Upon being punched, Ayal ran into the house and woke his younger brother Omri to come and help him. When they both came out, the man who had parked in the wrong spot had assistance from friends and the spat continued with glass being thrown at Ayal, cursing and mayhem, according to witnesses.

Raw video shows the dispute that led to a fatal stabbing over a parking spot in Brooklyn

At some point, the man blocking the driveway ran to his car to retrieve a knife. Omri was stabbed in the chest, puncturing his heart. Ayal his brother was stabbed in the arm. The man who was occupying the parking spot then fled in a Silver Jetta.

Omri Dahan was pronounced DOA at Beth Israel hospital. Ayal Dahan, his brother, remains at the same hospital in stable condition.

Omri Dahan grew up in America and went to service in the IDF in 2015 where he reached the rank of Sergeant in the IDF’s Kfir brigade.

Omri Dahan’s friends woke to the news and expressed their shock on social media.

This is not the first time that the Dahan family has experienced tragedy. In 2009, Ayal and Omri’s father, Shlomo Dahan and the eldest brother Harel Dahan died after breathing toxic toxic fumes while trying to unclog a drain at a Queens sewage treatment plant.

Harel Dahan in Israel (Facebook)

Harel went in the drain and when he did not respond his father jumped in to try and save him and was also overcome by toxic fumes. A third worker who jumped in to try save the father, also died.

Shlomo and Harel Dahan funeral in Boro Park before flying the bodies to Israel for burial.(NY Times)

The family flew to Israel to bury the father and eldest son and when they returned 30 days later after mourning they were shocked to find out that the father’s business partner had allegedly stolen the entire families business and emptied out their bank account, according to a desperate online plea by the family matriarch, Sarah Dahan.

Ayal Dahan, Ori and Sarah Dahan in shock after arriving at scene where Shlomo Dahan, the father and Harel Dahan, the brother, had died in a tragic accident. (2009, NY Times)

UPDATE: Police have nabbed the man who murdered Omri Dahan. Djems Jean-Paul, 41, A Haitian national was caught at JFK airport as he was trying to board a JetBlue flight to PortauPrince, Haiti.

NYPD caught Djems Jean-Paul, trying to escape to Haiti (DEBBIE EGAN-CHIN/NYDL)

Djems Jean-Paul will be charged with manslaughter, assault and illegal weapons possession.