Miu Miu Removes Offensive Jewish Yellow Star Dress After ‘Jewish Chick’s’ Viral Campaign

Jewish_chick Instagram
After a customer at a Holt Renfrew boutique in Canada contacted social media influencer known as Jewish Chick (a pseudonym she prefer to go by for safety reasons) with pictures of dress with a yellow star patch that looked eerily similar to the yellow stars that the Nazis forced the Jews to wear, Miu Miu has decided to remove the offending garments from stores.

Budapesht getto by Yevgeni Khaldei

It all started on Sunday afternoon,  when a few followers from Jewish Chick’s Instagram page sent her a picture of a Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2017 outfit seen at a Holt Renfrew store window in Montreal, Canada.

Jewish_chick Instagram

Jewish Chick told JBN, “I was shocked and saddened that a brand such as Miu Miu (sister brand of Prada) would bring such a design to production and a store such as Holt would then turnaround and sell it without question,” she said.

“While the yellow star is with 5 points versus 6, it clearly brings back horrific images of the stars Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust and is an indirect spit in the face to the 6 million Jews that were massacred by the Nazis, as well as those that survived the horrific ordeals of WW2.” She said.

Miu Miu skirt with yellow star.

After Jewish Chick posted the picture on her Facebook page, it started going viral, garnering over 102,000 views and many shares. That afternoon, Holt removed all the offensive clothing off of their sales floors and issued an apology.

Jewish Chick did not stop there. She was  hoping that Miu Miu/Prada would follow Holt’s lead and pull the items as well from their stores/onlines shop.

Miu Miu Jacket

Jewish Chick’s efforts bore fruit on Monday morning when Preia Narenda, the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Miu Miu, emailed her and stated “It was not Miu Miu’s intent in any way to make any political or religious statement, and we apologize for any offence that may have been taken. Kindly note that effective immediately these items will be removed from the collection.”