Frankfurt Becomes First German City to Outlaw Municipal Funding of BDS

The original BDS movement. Nazis Boycott Jewish Business (Kaufhaus Nathan Israel department store) in Germany. The signs read: "Germans defend yourselves! Don't buy from Jews." April 1, 1933.

( Frankfurt became the first German city to pass a bill outlawing municipal funding for the anti-Israel BDS movement’s activities.

The BDS movement does not only strongly resemble the ‘Don’t buy from Jews’ argumentation of former times of the National Socialists, but the movement is built on the same toxic ground and it is poisoning the social climate in the same dangerous way,” Uwe Becker, Frankfurt’s deputy mayor and city treasurer, told The Jerusalem Post.

The skyline of Frankfurt, Germany. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Becker said the BDS movement attacks the fundamental legitimacy of the Jewish state, adding, “That’s why we decided to ban any municipal funding or the renting of rooms for any activities of groups or individuals, who support the anti-Semitic BDS movement….We also instructed our city-owned companies and called upon private landlords to act in the same way.”

The main synagogue in Frankfurt destroyed on Kristallnacht

Frankfurt, which has a population of about 730,000, is the main financial and economic center of Europe’s wealthiest country. Another German city, Munich, is expected to pass a similar measure in the next few weeks. Frankfurt’s anti-BDS bill will now be voted on by the city’s parliament before it can become law.