BREAKING: In Toulouse, Policemen and Passersby Assaulted by a Man With Cries Of “Allah Akbar” (VIDEO)

A Middle Eastern individual who assaulted the passers-by in Toulouse has been arrested. The man who was shouting “Allah akbar” and punching and kicking passers-by until three police officers who intervened to control him.

The three policemen who intervened were had a hard time controlling the man who continued to kick and punch them.

“We were just talking when out of nowhere he jumped on us. He first hit my son and then beat my daughter. We ran … “, said a  father of a family, who was beaten up.

For an unknown reason, the individual born in 1975, attacked several passers by beating them and yelling “Allah Akbar”. Although panicked, the victims managed to alert a the Jewish security patrol (CSI) of Toulouse who alerted police.

During the very rigorous arrest, the individual continued to shout “Allah Akbar”.

Three policemen were injured. One went to hospsital with injuries to his tibia and shoulder.

Four civilians were also injured by the alleged perpetrator. Two of them were taken to the Toulouse-Rangueil hospital. It is not yet known on which health facility the injured officials were evacuated.

L-R Toulouse victims Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two sons, Gabriel, 3 and Arye, 6, and Miriam Monsonego, 8 (Flash90)

Tensions have been very high in Toulouse ever since  a rabbi and his two young sons as well as an 8-year-old girl were shot and killed in front of the Ozar Hatorah school by an Islamist terrorist,  named Mohammed Mera.

Mohammed Merah,Toulouse Terrorist

On Sunday, three assailants broke into the home of a Jewish family in the Paris suburb of Livry-Gargan , telling them: ‘You are Jews, you have money. We take money from Jews to give to the poor,’ before tying, beating and robbing them.

French Jews, the largest community outside of the United States and Israel, have been leaving France at a steady pace since around 2005. Those include 5,000 departures in 2016 which add to the record 7,900 who left in 2015 and 7,231 in 2014.

Explosions from the Kosher store in Paris

In total, 40,000 French Jews have emigrated since 2006 stemming from unsafe conditions for Jews, starting with the kidnapping and murder of Ilan Halimi in 2006, Toulose attacks and the Hyper-Cacher, Kosher supermarket massacre.