JERUSALEM MIRACLE: Terminally Ill Grandmother Granted Last Wish To See Her Grandson Join the IDF

Credit: Magen David Adom
Thanks to a ‘Wish Ambulance’ from Magen David Adom, Ruthie Yolzari, a 69-Year-old cancer patient was able to attend the IDF Paratrooper swearing in ceremony at the Western Wall Plaza for her beloved and only grandchild, Matan Blumenfeld, at she went on to hear him call out “Ani Nishba” (“I swear”)

Ruthie was very excited to see by her grandson be sworn into the IDF as she saluted him and watched the ceremony while the ambulance and his crew were by her side.

Credit: Magen David Adom

Ruthie  said: “On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the MDA’s Wish Ambulance Team, which enabled me to be present at the inauguration ceremony of my beloved grandson Matan. “I am so excited to be here and I would like to thank the MDA and the Ambulance Wish Team – it is a wonderful experience that would not have come true if not for the tremendous work of this team”

Ruthie’s grandson, Matan Blumenfeld, was excited to see his grandmother at his swearing-in ceremony and said: “I am very excited that my grandmother was at my swearing-in ceremony. I am proud to swear to the IDF and be part of the Paratroopers Brigade with her by my side.”

Credit: Magen David Adom

“It was a very moving experience,” said Tal Peleg, an MDA paramedic who was on the Ambulance Wish team. “I recently joined the Ambulance Wish Team and this was actually my first wish mission, an experience that will never be forgotten. Throughout the trip, we heard about Ruthie’s family and when we reached the Western Wall plaza we saw her excitement, and we were excited with her. Peleg said.

“It’s a huge pride to take part and help a woman who wants to see her grandson, a combat soldier, swear in to the IDF, to give her a chance to realize a dream and get a small moment of happiness during her difficult struggle with cancer. ” He added.

The “Wish Ambulance” is a project of Magen David Adom, which takes  requests of people who are struggling with severe illnesses or terminal diseases and have lost their mobility.

The fulfillment of each wish is carefully planned, in conjunction with the patients physician The “wishing ambulance” comes fully equipped with a medical team.