IDF Paratroopers Save Dog’s Life on Rosh Hashanah

The injured dog found near the border receiving medical attention
Israeli Paratroopers saved a Belgian Shepard’s life on eve of Rosh Hashanah. The dog was hit by a car in what appeared to be a hit and run, when soldiers who were patrolling the Gaza Strip border, noticed her lying on a road bleeding from several wounds. The IDF soldiers rushed the dog to their Battalion Aid Station and was given urgent medical care by the paratrooper medics, who were able to stabilize the dog’s condition.

The Belgian Shepard was found to be implanted with an electronic chip and her owner was located and she was returned to him.

“A new year with new beginnings, good tidings and good deeds. We have an amazing people,” said Ronen Azran of Sderot, the prodigal dog’s owner.

The dog with her rescuers. (Facebook)

“Just when a new year started, IDF soldiers—the very same people who keep us safe all year round and are the impregnable wall of Israel’s defense—found our wayward family dog. I can’t find the words to describe what we felt. This is proof positive of their humanity, morality and virtues. I wish to thank them again, and wish a happy and quiet new year to all IDF soldiers and all of Israel,” he concluded.

“The soldiers saved the dog’s life. They dropped everything—on erev chag, no less—to help an animal in need. It’s an immense source of pride for us to have soldiers manning the Gaza border who have no qualms about lending a helping hand even in instances like these,” said a Netiv HaAsara resident who assisted them.